Solving MAXSAT and saying a few words about it.
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// vim: ts=4 sw=4 et
extern crate nalgebra;
/// Variables -- both boolean, and otherwise.
pub mod variable;
/// Useful for disjunctive clauses.
pub mod clause;
mod clause_gen;
/// I made this before I knew I didn't need it. :/
pub mod hash_wrapper;
/// Affine scaling, linear systems and inequalities, etc.
pub mod karmarkar;
mod maxsat;
pub mod messy_minsat;
use crate::clause_gen::*;
use crate::maxsat::*;
fn main() {
let rand_clause_list = gen_clause_list(7, 4);
println!("{}", rand_clause_list);
println!("MAXSAT (By BFS): {}", solve_by_bfs(&rand_clause_list));