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Evertangling Net
Rarity: Uncommon
Aura: Transmutation
An actually-useful application for a joke spell, this item appears to be an
ordinary net, until its command word is spoken, at which point it ravels into a
hopeless mess. Speaking its command word again causes it to relax, if not
flatten itself back out.
The evertangling net requires attunement (no prerequisite), and only responds
to the command word of the one who attuned to it. The attuned creature learns
the net's command word. Attunement can only be done while the net is relaxed.
While it is relaxed, the net can be used like a mundane net (see PHB 148), but
with escape DC 15 and AC 15 (owing mostly to finer craft and the reinforcement
of magic, respectively). If it ravels around a creature, however, disadvantage
is imposed on checks made to free that creature. The command word to ravel the
net can be spoken as a free action, notably immediately after the net is known
to have hit a creature.
An Evertangling Net is made from an Evertangling Rope, woven into a net.
Net-weaving isn't hard, but is tedious, and there is an upcharge for the
novelty of such an item (found, as with Evertangling Ropes, near wherever
wizards study). Thus, a fair price range might be in the 10-50gp range,
depending on the local economy.
Once the net is destroyed, repairing it (e.g., via knotting it back together)
does not restore its enchantment. Any spellcaster who knows how to make an
Evertangling Rope, however, can cast that spell after the repair to restore the
Per Detect Magic, the net has an aura of transmutation.
No matter how much of a shitpost it is, always expect someone to put it to the
test in combat.