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Vectomancy Update

Graham Northup 2 months ago
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Impart Velocity
Kind: Transmutation/Vectomancy 7
Time: 1 action
Range: 1 mile
Duration: 1 minute
Lists: Wizard (Vectomancer)
You bend space, causing "static" effects to change their reference.
Choose any ongoing magical area of effect; for the duration, you can impart a
speed up to your own highest movement speed per round to that effect. This
speed is continuous for the duration.
The area of effect is still conceptually "unmoving", but the rest of the world
"moves around it". In particular, effects that happen when an object enters or
exits the area of effect still occur as a result of the areas movement.
For effects that are ordinarily tied to a creature (such as "Self" areas), this
spell "detaches" them, such that their velocity is relative to the nearest
large body which is more-or-less an inertial reference frame (such as the
Open questions remain as to what happens when an unstoppable force (e.g., a
Tiny Hut or a Wall of Force with imparted velocity) meets an immovable object
(say, a building, or even a steep cliff). More pressing matters (pun intended)
occur whenever a creature happens to get caught in the crossfire of such
debates. At 7th level, I'm tempted to let ludicrous results happen, though
(sensible) laws of restitution might be appropriate in some cases. (It's not
nearly as fun as leveling an entire block of masonry buildings in the starting
town, however.)


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Over There
Kind: Transmutation 7
Kind: Transmutation/Vectomancy 7
Time: 1 action
Range: 600'
Components: S
Duration: Instantaneous
Lists: Wizard, Sorcerer
Lists: Wizard (Vectomancer), Sorcerer
With an emphatic pointing gesture, you extend the range of another spell.
Choose a valid target (creature, creatures, a point within range, etc.) for


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Kind: Transmutation/Vectomancy 5
Time: 1 action
Range: 600'
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous
Lists: Wizard (Vectomancer)
By abusing the definition of "adjacency", you can cause an item to move in
useful ways. Target an item you can see within range that is no more than 1
cubic foot of material, as well as another point or place within range you can
see or describe. If the item is worn or carried by another unwilling creature,
that creature contests with a WIS SAV, and the spell fails if it passes. If the
target location cannot be seen (and is not a container held or worn by the
caster), the caster must succeed a DC 15 (or more or less, as the DM
prescribes) check using their spellcasting modifier, or the spell fails.
If the spell succeeds, the target item moves to the target location.
At higher levels:
- For each level above the 5th, square the range; except at 8th level, the
range is unlimited (within the same plane), and at 9th level, the range is
truly unlimited.
- For each level above the 5th, double the edge of the cube for the allowed
- At 7th level and above, a single creature can be targeted. If the creature
cannot fit in the targeted location, the spell automatically fails.
Otherwise, the creature always makes a WIS SAV as for carried/worn items
- At 9th level, everything in a 15' sphere in a point within range can be
targeted. Each targeted creature makes its WIS SAV independently. If an
object that is worn or carried is in range, but the creature is not, an
unwilling creature still makes a WIS SAV as usual to cause the spell to fail
for that object alone. Each creature only makes one check, even if multiple
worn/held objects are targeted.
This is loosely inspired by "Snatchport", a spell attested in 3.5e as being
invented by (poor) Felgolos, a magically-adept and very playful adult bronze
dragon who often embroils himself in trouble. One can only imagine what kind of
havoc they can work with this spell.
Wolfram Alpha tells me that the 7th-level range, 129,600,000,000' (about 130
billion feet) is ~57 times the solar radius, or about a quarter of an
Astronomical Unit. The 6th-level spell is still about 68 miles.


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Unify Frames
Kind: Transmutation/Vectomancy 5
Time: 1 action
Range: Unlimited (same plane)
Components: V, M (the origin frame)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
Lists: Wizard (Vectomancer)
Using the wood as a guide, you attempt to unify two disparate portals in space
until they are one in the same.
For the purpose of this spell, a "wooden frame" is any mostly-rectangular,
mostly-planar object made principally of wood (with fasteners not counted), and
much narrower in the direction normal to the plane than it is on any other
axis. Common examples are door jambs, window frames (individual panes or the
whole window), mirrors, canvas frames, and so forth.
While in contact with the material component, which must be a wooden frame no
larger than 30' on any side, you cast the spell choosing another wooden frame
anywhere on the same plane of existence. You can target any frame you know of,
provided you can describe it precisely; if your description is vague, you are
at the peril of DM interpretation as to where it ultimately ends up (though
likely in a similar place to your description). If the precise place you
describe no longer has (or qualifies as) a wooden frame, you may get a similar
result, or the spell may simply fail.
For the duration, the two frames are linked in such a way that objects entering
one frame will exit the other. This happens without affecting any material
within the frame; the ordinary door, glass of a window, or canvas of a painting
is still visually present, even though items physically can move between the
frames. If, at any time, a creature passes wholly through the resulting portal,
the spell ends once they are entirely through. Otherwise, any number of items
can be passed through, and attacks can be designated between creatures adjacent
to the frames as if they were themselves adjacent.
When the spell ends, a creature still between the two frames takes d10 force
damage and is pushed to whichever side they are already mostly on, provided
that there's space to occupy--if not, they appear in the closest unoccupied
At higher levels:
- At 6th level, the duration is 10 minutes; at 7th, 1 hour; at 8th, 8 hours,
and at 9th, one full day. (All still require concentration.)
- At 7th level, creatures moving through no longer close the portal.
This is loosely inspired by "Frame Teleport", a spell attested in 3.5e as being
invented by (poor) Felgolos, a magically-adept and very playful adult bronze
dragon who often embroils himself in trouble. In Faerun, at least, Felgolos
apparently used a spell of this ilk to pretend to be a mounted dragon head at a
clandestine meeting of crime lords across the coast (if not the continent),
eavesdropping in an amused manner the entire time--and slipping through without
a trace a surprising amount of time later when his ruse was discovered, leaving
only a painting to get thoroughly destroyed by angry criminals. No one ever
said Felgolos was a prudent dragon, though he does sound like a fun one.