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Add the Water Shovel and Lou's Opal

Graham Northup 5 months ago
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Lou's Opal
Aura: Generic
Rarity: Unique
Lou's Stone is a spellcasting focus in the form of a smoothly-rounded cloudy
opal, about palm-sized for an adult.
While used as a focus:
- The caster has advantage on Arcana checks used to identify magical effects,
including cast spells;
- The caster knows Fly, and can cast it once per long rest out of this focus;
while this casting from the focus is in effect, the caster appears to have
feathery wings. if they can learn spells, they can pull this knowledge from
the focus into an ordinary spellbook or spell scroll, at the usual cost;
- Though it is cloudy, when looking through the focus at a
sufficiently-illuminated target, a faint aura may be visible around its blurry
image, as per the Detect Magic spell, but markedly less sensitive;
- The caster has disadvantage on saving throws versus effects that cause a
creature to be Frightened;
- The caster can, as an action, cast Plane Shift, foregoing its material
components, with an unspecified destination (the DM chooses the plane and
location). The focus independently does the same; it is remarkably unlikely
the focus and the caster end up in the same place.
Lou, a powerful but neurotic wizard, was the previous owner of this opal as a
focus; as a planeswalker, her echoes can be found across multiple material
planes. Though she is meek, soft-spoken, almost pathologically anxious, and
often stuttering, she seeks her focus with surprising determination--though she
takes leave immediately if in danger, only to return later. Those from whom she
takes the stone often see neither her or the stone ever again. (She no longer
needs this focus, as she can cast using her spellbook as a focus, but her opal
bears special significance to her, being her first, as well as having traces of
her considerable power. She--and her echoes--often end up losing the opal after
using the Plane Shift action described above in a dire circumstance.)
Attempting to destroy the stone is as for a typical opal; however, when broken,
it resummons itself in place, along with Lou herself (from some timeline), after
a short while.


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Water Shovel
Rarity: Rare
Aura: Transmutation, Enchantment
This item looks like a typical shovel, often a spade or broad shovel, typically
at least as long as the torso of the expected user (so not a "hand shovel" per
se). Faintly inscribed on its blade are some arcane sigils, often accompanied by
peening marks.
When the shovel is inserted into a liquid, it can "dig out" a shape from that
liquid, violating the usual laws of liquids. The displaced liquid behaves like a
granular material, as would sand, soil, and gravel, with an angle of repose
determined in part by the efficacy of the enchantment.
The dug-out liquid, and its negative space, remain in that state for about 8
hours, after which the usual physics returns to them. As a bit of a shortcut
which is occasionally useful, the shovel can be enchanted instead to only hold
the negative space; the displaced liquid in the shovel maintains its granular
physics only so long as it is near, and it becomes liquid again when it is
tossed away, preventing the accumulation of piles. When enchanted this way, the
negative space can last a bit more than 24 hours.
Liquids in at the boundary of a pile, as well as the negative space, behave like
the surfaces of liquids elsewhere; in particular, things can buoy on (and sink
through) them. Creatures looking to use these shovels out in the midst of large
bodies of liquid, or who need to climb piles of liquid, are recommended to get
Boots of Water Walk, or know someone who can cast that spell.
As with Water Walk, the common name is an allusion to the most-commonly
shovelled liquid; they are more versatile than the name suggests.
Such a shovel is created by taking its mundane shovel counterpart and "grafting"
a scroll of Control Water to it; since the shovel head is often metal, this
requires some careful metallurgy (in the construction of the scroll itself) and
smithing, skills that might be hard to find in the same place as those required
to craft scrolls of Control Water. Thus, these items aren't much of a commodity.
The shovel has its typical AC and HP, and any effects cause by that particular
shovel cease immediately when it is broken (which can cause some confusing
circumstances if multiple shovels were used to dig out a pit, for example). It
has an aura of enchantment wholly, but also an aura of transmutation along the
cutting edge of its head.