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Graham Northup 3 months ago
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Shape Panama
Kind: Transmutation 10
Time: 1 action
Range: Unlimited
Components: M (a mosquito net, a tiny model of a boat made of precious metal, and a shovel of any kind)
Duration: Instantaneous
Lists: Sorcerer (Divine Soul only), Warlock (patron: Taft)
You sink the shovel into earth and immediately cut a channel into it not more
than 100' wide, not more than 50 miles long, and not more than 30' deep,
relative to and containing the point at which the shovel struck the earth. The
height, however, is arbitrary, and the narrow channel so cut can indeed cleave
mountains in twain. The displaced material is distributed about equally, if
roughly, along the banks of the channel; creatures in that space are harmlessly
pushed away from the banks, or into the new channel, at the DM's discretion.
If the shovel is a water shovel, a channel can be dug in any fluid, and the
effect of the shovel on the liquid is considered to start immediately after
this spell is cast. The displaced liquid is moved to the banks, as with the
solid material, and its behavior after that point is determined by the specific
enchantment on the shovel.