Contact me to be added to this repository. Push the creations you make for D&D, and they will be displayed in a nice website. See the website for how to contribute.
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Assorted Updates
1 month ago
Characters Assorted Updates 1 month ago
Classes Update dragonslayer 3 months ago
Ecology Added Bee flowers 2 months ago
Effects Added some plant based abillities and effects 3 months ago
Feats Fixed my dumb 3 months ago
Items Assorted Updates 1 month ago
Monsters Rendering updates for monsters 3 months ago
Places More C4 updates 3 months ago
Races Rebalanced deep elves 1 month ago
Rules Yet more Konis rule updates 2 months ago
Spells 300th Commit! Add items from February 2020 mini campaign, and some misc files that were sitting around 1 month ago
Worlds Clean up test data 11 months ago
app Now HTML5! 1 month ago
other_tools added a new character and the character auto maker 2 months ago
.gitignore Implement classes bucket 3 months ago
.gitmodules Adding submodule for work in another repo 9 months ago