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  1. ht_include([[cmp/header.html]])m4_dnl
  2. ll_header([[img/bg/fountain.png]])
  3. <section class="main">
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  7. <!-- added by jared from GMx with some small modifications -->
  8. <h3>Install Instructions:</h3>
  9. <a name=instructions></a>
  10. <h3>Using the MultiMC Launcher</h3>
  11. <li>Install Java for your platform.</li>
  12. <ul>
  13. <li>Windows: Install <a href="">Java 8</a> (not Java 9 or Java 10!)</li>
  14. <li>Linux: Install Java 8 for your distro. (not Java 9 or Java 10)</li>
  15. <!-- Whomever says tables are not ok for formatting HTML, go away. -->
  16. <table>
  17. <tr>
  18. <td width=40%>Ubuntu and Debian:</td><td><code>sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre</code></td>
  19. </tr>
  20. <tr>
  21. <td>Arch Linux and Manjaro:</td><td><code>sudo pacman -Syu jre8-openjdk</code></td>
  22. </tr>
  23. <tr>
  24. <td>Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL(?!):</td><td><code>sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk</code></td>
  25. </tr>
  26. </table>
  27. </ul>
  28. <li><a href="">Download MultiMC</a> for your platform.</li>
  29. <ul>
  30. <li>AUR Users: Install <code>multimc5</code> from the AUR.</li>
  31. </ul>
  32. <li>Launch MultiMC</li>
  33. <li>Using the account manager in the upper right, sign into your Mojang account</li>
  34. <li>Right click in the large pane, and select "Create Instance". If you are using the 007 pack, you can also just use the Import function, and you're done.</li>
  35. <li>Click the 3 dots to the right of the version selector, under Vanilla Minecraft (don't let this fool you), and select the correct version for the pack. Click OK.</li>
  36. <li>Right click on the icon in the pane, and select "Edit Instance"</li>
  37. <li>Click the Install Forge button. Select the most recent version. Particularly, for 1.7.10, the version with a bug next to it is completely stable.</li>
  38. <li>On the left menu, click "Loader Mods"</li>
  39. <li>On the right menu, click "Add", then add the <code>.jar</code> files - be sure to EXTRACT your zip file the mods came in completely to a folder. It will NOT work from inside the <code>.zip</code></li>
  40. <li>Click the "Launch" button at the bottom right. In the future, you can just launch the instance by double clicking on it, profit</li>
  41. </ol>
  42. <h3>Using the Mojang Launcher</h3>
  43. <h4>Windows</h4>
  44. <ol>
  45. <li>Install <a href="">Java 8</a> (not Java 9 or Java 10)</li>
  46. <li>Download the multiplatform Java <code>.jar</code> file from the Minecraft site (there is also the jank <code>.exe</code> which I don't recommend)</li>
  47. <li>Launch the jarfile and log into the Minecraft Launcher</li>
  48. <li>Close the Launcher and fetch the <a href="files/">Forge Installer</a></li>
  49. <li>Launch the Forge Installer, and install the client to the default directory.</li>
  50. <li>Launch the Minecraft Launcher <code>.jar</code> file and select the Forge profile and launch the game</li>
  51. <li>Close Minecraft</li>
  52. <li>Download the <a href="files/">mods zip archive</a></li>
  53. <li>Extract the mods to the <code>C:\Users\&lt;name&gt;\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods</code> folder, and create it if it doesn’t exist</li>
  54. <li>Run the Minecraft Launcher, launch the Forge profile, profit</li>
  55. </ol>
  56. <h4>Linux</h4>
  57. <ol>
  58. <li>Install Java 8 for your distro (not Java 9 or Java 10).
  59. <li>Download the <code>.jar</code> from Minecraft’s site</li>
  60. <li>Open a terminal in the folder where the jarfile is, and run <code>java -jar Minecraft.jar</code>, and log into the launcher</li>
  61. <li>Close the Launcher and fetch the <a href="files/">Forge Installer</a></li>
  62. <li>Run that: <code>java -jar forge-installer.jar</code></li>
  63. <li>Launch the Minecraft Launcher and select the Forge profile, and launch the game</li>
  64. <li>Close Minecraft</li>
  65. <li>Download the <a href="files/">mods zip archive</a></li>
  66. <li>Extract the mods to the <code>~/.minecraft/mods</code> folder and create it if it doesn’t exist</li>
  67. <li>Run the Minecraft Launcher, launch the Forge profile, profit</li>
  68. </ol>
  69. <!-- /add -->
  70. <h3>Worlds:</h3>
  71. m4_syscmd([[util/ worlds]])
  72. </section>