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00html.m4 711B

  1. m4_divert(-1)
  2. This file is loaded first. Place any macros you want to access from all files
  3. here. Note that the Makefile runs with -P, so all builtins have an m4 prefix.
  4. First and foremost, change the quote character to doubled brackets, which are
  5. unlikely to conflict with any syntactic element in HTML itself. Note that the
  6. string end quote would conflict with CDATA for XHTML, so this should be
  7. avoided. HTML5 generally has no need for CDATA sections.
  8. m4_changequote(`[[', `]]')
  9. ht_include([[filename]]) - include a filename relative to the Makefile root.
  10. (This is a thin wrapper around m4_include which can be redirected or
  11. redefined.)
  12. m4_define([[ht_include]], [[m4_include($@)]])
  13. m4_divert(0)m4_dnl