website for lusty lavender:
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downloads.m4 490B

  1. ht_include([[cmp/header.html]])m4_dnl
  2. ll_header([[img/bg/fountain.png]])
  3. <section class="main">
  4. ht_include([[cmp/nav.html]])
  5. ht_include([[cmp/badges.html]])m4_dnl
  6. ll_badges([[[[Download the latest version]],[[img/download.png]],,[[files/]]]], [[[[Browse source on GitHub]],[[img/Octocat/Octocat.png]],,[[]]]], [[[[Get the map]],[[img/world.png]],,[[worlds/latest.7z]]]])
  7. <h3>Worlds:</h3>
  8. m4_syscmd([[util/ worlds]])
  9. </section>