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  8. <h2>About the world</h2>
  9. <p>
  10. The server is segmented into 4 parts:
  11. </p>
  12. <ul>
  13. <li>Generator Proving Ground (GPV)</li>
  14. <li>Testing Area</li>
  15. <li>Templating Area</li>
  16. <li>The Village</li>
  17. </ul>
  18. <h3>Generator Proving Ground (GPV)</h3>
  19. <p>
  20. The Generator Proving Ground (also known as the GPV) is where we test out different styles of generators. Anything that generates power should go here. Whether it be high-power turbines capable of blowing a Tier-2 pole, or small starters to start other generators, to even solar arrays, the GPV is the perfect place to test out your new generation system!
  21. </p>
  22. <h3>Testing Area</h3>
  23. <p>
  24. Although it doesn't have a cool name yet, the Testing Area is where you can build contraptions that charge batteries for later storage, create massive autocrafting systems, create diamonds, and more!
  25. </p>
  26. <h3>Templating Area</h3>
  27. <p>
  28. This area is designed for demonstrating battle-tested designs that are (generally) efficient, and simple to build. The intent is to be able to take screenshots of your designs and share with others!
  29. </p>
  30. <h3>The Village</h3>
  31. <p>
  32. The Village is a small village which shows how one can use Electrical Age to enhance any vanilla Minecraft building project. Whether it be emulating DIY off-grid battery backed solar designs, or your typical suburban home, or even the most fictional Minecraftian structure ever, here we demonstrate how you can integrate Electrical Age with your builds.
  33. </p>
  34. <h2>Server Information</h2>
  35. <p>
  36. The server is updated on a near-regular basis. At 4AM (EST), the server shuts down for a few minutes while it backs up the Minecraft world. These worlds are available on this website for you to download, so that should the server ever crash, or you want to show your friends what you've built when offline, or even run a LAN party, the worlds will be available for quick download.
  37. </p>
  38. <p>
  39. The worlds are 7zipped at ultra compression settings so that you may download it faster. <a href="">7z is available here.</a>
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  41. <h3>Mod Suggestions</h3>
  42. <p>
  43. Have a mod you would like to suggest for the server that integrates well with Electrical Age? Visit the contact page, and send us an email. Please be patient, it may take up to 24 hours for us to respond.
  44. </p>
  45. </section>