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<code>Lusty Lavender</code> is a relatively lightweight modpack designed specifically to experiment with the <a href="">Electrical Age</a> mod. It also contains some support mods:
<li>Applied Energistics 2,</li>
<li>Thermal Expansion, Thermal Dynamics, etc.,</li>
<li>some of Project Red,</li>
...and so forth, mostly to serve and complement Electrical Age nicely.
The pack and the server are currently maintained by <a href="">Jared Dunbar</a>, and the Electrical Age used in the pack will mostly be built off his own repository tip&mdash;so don't expect it to be compatible with mainline ELN (instead, expect bugfixes and new features!). The packs are in constant alpha-level development, so bugs are to be expected. Please report these bugs to the fork (NOT MAINLINE) at <a href="">jrddunbr/Electrical-Age</a>.
To get started, <a href="downloads.html">download</a> the latest version, and check out the <a href="downloads.html#instructions">instructions</a>. Then, connect to a <a href="servers.html">server</a>!