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<title>Lusty Lavender</title>
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<!-- Hello, and thanks for reading the source code! This is Grissess,
and all of this content was handmade in Neovim and spliced
together with GNU m4. Feel free to peek around and learn, and even
use these patterns on your own projects - but please ask us before
hosting exact replicas of our website, or hosting the modpack, so
that we can make sure everyone gets content that's up to date :) .
Have a good one! -->
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<h1><a href="./">Lusty Lavender</a></h1>
<h2>An <a href="">Electrical Age</a> Development Modpack</h2>
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<a href="downloads.html"><li>Downloads</li></a>
<a href="servers.html"><li>Servers</li></a>
<a href="contact.html"><li>Contact</li></a>
<code>Lusty Lavender</code> is a relatively lightweight modpack designed specifically to experiment with the <a href="">Electrical Age</a> mod. It also contains some support mods:
<li>Applied Energistics 2,</li>
<li>Thermal Expansion, Thermal Dynamics, etc.,</li>
<li>some of Project Red,</li>
...and so forth, mostly to serve and complement Electrical Age nicely.
The pack and the server are currently maintained by <a href="">Jared Dunbar</a>, and the Electrical Age used in the pack may be built off his own repository tip&mdash;so don't expect it to be 100%-compatible with mainline ELN (instead, expect bugfixes!).
To get started, <a href="downloads.html">download</a> the latest version, and check out the <a href="downloads.html#instructions">instructions</a>. Then, connect to a <a href="servers.html">server</a>!