The Sol Programming Language!
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LDFLAGS= -lm -ldl -lreadline
OBJ= lex.yy.o dsl/seq.o dsl/list.o dsl/array.o dsl/generic.o astprint.o runtime.o gc.o object.o state.o builtins.o solrun.o
.PHONY: all test
all: $(OBJ)
git submodule init && git submodule sync && git submodule update
gcc $(CFLAGS) $? $(LDFLAGS) -o sol
test: all $(sort $(patsubst tests/%.sol,test_%,$(wildcard tests/*.sol)))
test_%: tests/%.sol
./sol r $?
%.o: %.c
gcc -c -o $@ $? $(CFLAGS) %.y
bison -rall -fall -d $?
lex.yy.c: tokenizer.lex
flex $<
rm -f *.o dsl/*.o sol
docs: Doxyfile
doxygen Doxyfile
sphinx-build -b html . ./_build