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  Graham Northup 0e6a437a42
Sol Part 60: I AM A CARPENTER 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 8ac2f11083
Sol Part 59.5: here i come to SAVE THE DAYYYYY... 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 840085d30e
Sol Part 59.4: THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMIT EVER 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 895266e9be
Sol Part 59.3: exit 1 is the Best Test! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup df0fffbe7c
Sol Part 59.2: Now Untesting! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 65f0c9a56f
Sol Part 59.1: Test Commit Please Ignore! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 60b45ddcda
Sol Part 59: Now Useing You're Type's Good! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 6bcb85a19e
Sol Part 58: Insert Witty Commit Message Here! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 817958a26b
Sol Part 57: I Can't Believe It's Not Lua! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup e6f565383f
Sol Part 56: Asymptotically equivalent to a unicorn! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 88b6ae1ac4
Sol Part 55: Now Not A Tautology! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup d32a8dfed6
Sol Part 54: The Ride Now Non-Deterministically Ends! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 5fe1f453a7
Sol Part 53: You Should Get Yourself Tested! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 609a197b5b
Sol Part 52.2: How To Shoot Git In The Foot! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup a72f87611f
Sol Part 52.1: You Can't Spell FUN Without ASLR! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup c3d6bdfb33
Sol Part 52: This Statement Is False! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 7884cda9c4
Sol Part 51: Break Unbroken! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 82d5646b0e
Sol Part 50: Now 99.99% more stable! 4 years ago
  Graham Northup 02c925d2d3
Sol Part 49.2: We Fired The Monkeys! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 9a865d8a0a
Sol Part 49.1: And This Time We Mean It! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 77e0861509
Sol Part 49: All Aboard The Failed Build Train! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 5fb468605e
Sol Part 48: I'M THE REAL ME SHOOT THE OTHER GUY 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 9ab8584489 Merge branch 'master' of http://gitlab.cosi.clarkson.edu/grissess/sol-lang 5 years ago
  Graham Northup e3d2f92b79 Sol Part 47: Powered by Hopes and Dreams! 5 years ago
  Jared Dunbar 960fbb1d6d fixed existing build script 5 years ago
  Jared Dunbar d8c1989165 fixed existing build script 5 years ago
  Jared Dunbar a499536194 fixed existing build script 5 years ago
  Jared Dunbar 4557ab6fb1 added gitlab build script 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon ab0aacf97d Update install_sol.md 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon a20e2a9ec6 Update SUMMARY.md 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 4014f26447 Create install_sol.md 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 2c86ac01c0 Create SUMMARY.md 5 years ago
  Grissess 40b64933c8 Merge pull request #24 from sol-lang/grissess_init-file 5 years ago
  Graham Northup f08f6a2c62 Sol Part 46: POOOOSIX POOOWEEEERRRRRR!!! 5 years ago
  Grissess 642bd380be Merge pull request #16 from sol-lang/logicalfun 5 years ago
  Graham Northup e0f8219e59 Sol Part 45.1: What Has Science Done?! 5 years ago
  Michael Hrcek 62b0048b40 Sol Part 45: I Just Don't Even! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 9ba71b5a41 Sol Part 44.1: MOM GET THE THESAURUS! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup edae755438 Sol Part 44: The Words I Don't Know Could Fill A Dictionary! 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 7ff1611a5d Merge pull request #15 from sol-lang/grissess_stmt-exprs 5 years ago
  Graham Northup ef76c4af5a Sol Part 43: EXPRESSIONS EVERYWHERE 5 years ago
  Grissess b8cec86dbd Merge pull request #14 from sol-lang/logicalfun 5 years ago
  Michael Hrcek cdb282f445 Sol Part 42: Now With MORE Logic! 5 years ago
  Graham Northup 1b74dc5ca6
Sol Part 41: It's Probably Not Solitaire! 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon c86afa0ef1 Sol Part 40: Now Open Source 5 years ago
  Grissess 0cea7dff12 Merge pull request #10 from lannonbr/master 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 31985aedf0 Delete test.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon b44aa9c07f Delete test_monty.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon a83a6e5e59 Delete subtest.sol 5 years ago
  Benjamin Lannon 1e785c3f38 Delete monty.sol 5 years ago