Database of IP address allocations, VLAN tables, network maps, etc.
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This page details VLAN ID’s and their purpose. Please, do not operate VLAN tagged networks that use these ID’s for purposes, to avoid confusion and errors.

ID Name Purpose Network
1 Default VLAN left disabled for native VLAN packet traffic N/A
2 v2_cosi_priv COSI private network, fiewwalled via Ziltoid 128.153.144/23
3 v3_cosi_pub COSI public network, not firewalled
4 v4_cosi_146 COSI security network 128.153.146/24
5 v5_cosi_voip COSI VoIP network
6 v6_cosi_iot COSI IoT NAT Network
--- --- --- ---
10 v10_comp_ctl ITL Hackathon Private Control Network
11 v11_comp_net1 ITL Hackahon Private Network 1
12 v12_comp_net2 ITL Hackahon Private Network 2
13 v13_comp_net3 ITL Hackahon Private Network 3
14 v14_comp_net4 ITL Hackahon Private Network 4