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  1. # tbot — Turtlebot Utilities
  2. Utilities for our little turtlebots.
  3. Yes, I know, the teleop can be done through ROS. No, I don't want to install
  4. ROS on Gentoo.
  5. `tbot_udp` is the "server", it runs on the turtlebot. It runs on Python 2, the
  6. default on the usual ROS Ubuntu release.
  7. `cli` is a command line interface; note that it is meant for *Python 3*, as
  8. that is the default on my Gentoo machine. `teleop` is a similar program, but
  9. uses Pygame and expects a gamepad with at least one hat, one joystick, and four
  10. buttons.
  11. Monokuma wuz heer